Movable Type User Manual: MULTI-LANGUAGE SUPPORT

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Movable Type supports multiple languages through the use of language packs. A language pack is simply a list of translated phrases and words, along with a set of images for navigation within the Movable Type system.

To install a language pack that you've downloaded from the Movable Type web site, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the translated phrases.
    The .pm file contains the plaintext list of translated phrases. Upload this file into your extlib/MT/L10N/ directory in ASCII mode. If you do not have such a directory structure, create it.

  2. Copy the images.
    The folder named lang-<language_tag>, where <language_tag>> is the tag for the language you downloaded, contains the images needed by the system. Upload this folder, in BINARY mode, into the images folder that you uploaded when you installed Movable Type.

If you are interested in translating Movable Type into a language not currently provided, please contact

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