July 05, 2003

Yet Another Movable Type Query

Gentle Readers,

I would like to take advantage of MT's "extended entry" option. Would someone please explain to me, in language suitable for addressing, say, a bright but ignorant 6-year old, just how this is done? E.g., Do I enter the text of my entry in the "Entry Body" box? or in the "Extended Entry" box? or in neither or both of the above? Many thanks.


P.S. I have tried the MT support forum, which is often very helpful. But the users of that forum tend to presuppose a level of competence that I have yet to achieve.

Posted by Invisible Adjunct at July 5, 2003 08:57 PM

The part of the entry that should always show up on the front page goes in the Entry Body box. The part that should be hidden behind a MORE link should go in the Extended Entry box.

You may have to tweak your templates (both front-page and archive pages) to get things to work the way you want. If you need help, let me know.

Hm. Sounds like a good topic to get my moribund (because I've been lazy) Movable Type series restarted.

Posted by: Dorothea Salo at July 5, 2003 09:14 PM

Thanks, Dorothea. This is just the kind of information I need. Tweaking the templates always makes me nervous, but I'll see how it goes...

Posted by: Invisible Adjunct at July 5, 2003 09:20 PM

Shouldn't need to tweak templates unless you want to change the "More..." link to something else. (Mine says "Read the rest?")

Posted by: Liz at July 5, 2003 11:12 PM

Looks like the link reads "Continue reading," which makes good enough sense to me. So I hope I won't have to mess around with anything in the templates.

Posted by: Invisible Adjunct at July 6, 2003 11:09 AM

I am an absolute ignoramus about techie stuff, so if it works for me, it will definitely work for you. Just put the extra stuff in the extended box; on Preview it will all look like one continuous screed, but when you hit Save -- presto, it'll all be right where you want it!

Posted by: language hat at July 8, 2003 04:57 PM