June 04, 2003

Quote of the Day (4 June)

The Happy Tutor of the famous (or is that infamous?) Wealth Bondage, on the Happy Global Family motif:

Foundations realize that the world will be responsive primarily to global corporations, that the US government, and all other nation states, will bow to corporate power. And, 'It's a good thing,' as Martha Stewart said in 2003 emerging from her arraignment.

Say what you will about Martha Stewart. Her Kmart housewares collection kicks a**, and you know it.

Posted by Invisible Adjunct at June 4, 2003 04:00 AM

When I was an Adjunct we shopped at Goodwill, or rummaged in Dumpsters. K-Mart, a distant dream. What are you, independently wealthy?

Posted by: The Happy Tutor at June 4, 2003 04:55 AM

Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the no-iron, machine-washable, cotton-poly blends that look like the genuine article.

Posted by: Invisible Adjunct at June 4, 2003 05:05 AM